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Lucas Parking Corporation

Corporate Parking & Shuttle Services in the Silicon Valley

Need comprehensive and secure valet parking solutions to enhance your employee productivity and minimize real estate costs? Partner with Lucas Parking Corporation to save your cost, time, and money, while providing your guests with a hassle-free parking experience.

With our home turf in Silicon Valley, we extend our parking and shuttle services to corporate entities throughout the Bay Area. Please explore the website for more details related to our services and get in touch to learn how your business can benefit from our valet parking, shuttle, and security solutions.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

The technology boom coupled with massive financial investment has witnessed the growth of countless businesses in the Bay Area within a very short time period, creating extra pressure on the limited real estate space available.

Whether you are running a construction business, commercial building, medical facility, or a brick-and-mortar retail outlet, having the right parking control system in place can go a long way toward elevating your customer and employee needs.

Lucas Parking Corporation
Lucas Parking Corporation
Lucas Parking Corporation

Excellent Track Record

We are here to take care of your parking needs while you have the peace of mind to focus on other crucial aspects of your business operations. With over five decades of hands-on experience in the valet parking and shuttle services industry, we work hard to deliver customized parking solutions based on your available space and customer traffic. In addition, we have the ability to obtain and lease close, offsite parking lots on your behalf in order to supplement your onsite shortfall. This is especially essential during construction projects due to the contractor’s need to further dilute onsite space that was already lacking pre-construction.

We continue to be Rated #1 for parking solutions during major construction projects. Read on to learn more about our parking services company.